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Speech of President Sukarno
Palembang, 10 April 1962

Ladies and Gentlemen, first as usual, the Islamic greeting: Assalamu Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh. Then, cried independence: Freedom!

Ladies and Gentlemen, gentlemen, November 60 you’ve come here, and now thanks alhamdulillah come here again. Now the month of April 1962. Your time in the month of November 60 came here, Mr. promised to the People, that construction will soon begin Musi bridge, and at that time Father said: Musi bridge should be completed within three years. So in fact this bridge is to be opened, November 60 coupled with a three-year, November 63. But, yeah Ladies and gentlemen, in connection with some of the difficulties to be overcome first, the first pole erection than Musi bridge Insha Allah it will be executed today, 10 April 1962. So if I count three more years old to 10 April 1965.Because of that, yes, even apologized to Mr. Brethren, that the beginning of a job opening or creating a new bridge that Musi could walk today, Mr. Musi bridge now commanded to be opened on 10 April 1964. And above all to the Japanese side will be aannemer. Ambassador ….. I’m standing. These brothers ambassador of Japan. I ask that the Japanese side of this bridge aannemer than working hard, so on 10 April 1964 Musi bridge can be opened. I asked for help to the people too hard. Beginning of the month of April 1964 later that, yes sedialah each goat for slaughter, chickens for slaughter.

Yes, except for the Japanese than I’m working hard, I’m also working hard to Palembang people are helped so that the bridge was completed. Yes, as I said yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, we do this in a revolution that I call the simultaneous revolution. Try to copy the: si-mul-tan, si-mul-tan. What does that mean? This means that the simultaneous-simultaneous-together at the same time. Concurrent Simultaneous-well-together. That is the meaning of the word simultaneously.

Indeed, our revolution is a revolution of the simultaneously-together at the same time.Various kinds of revolution we’re working together. And often I have said that Indonesia’s revolution is a revolution pancamuka. Penta means five, meaning face to face. Front five. Rai, says Pak Bastari. Rainya, we face a revolution is at least five. I said repeatedly, our revolution is a national. That it faces, to establish a national state is great. Our revolution is the political will to overhaul the way government old-fashioned, ancient, feudal, aristocratic, autocratic, dictatorial and others in a way that a true democratic government. Our revolution is also an economic revolution, for a long time merobah colonial economy into a single national economy. Our revolution is a social revolution, for merobah one community, the structure of capitalist society, which makes some people fat belly, into a composition of a just and samarasa-samarata. Ha?(Audience: Makmur first pack!) Ha, what? (Audience: Makmur first pack!) Wait a minute! Prosperous first pack! Want to prosper, but it’s not fair? (Audience: No!) Adil but prosperous, affluent, but fair. The other day I said here do not just knock prosperous, wealthy few people, not just among the people. Prosperous few people who always do so, if the other day. Prosperous! Prosperous! Prosperous! Prosperous! Yes, prosperous and equitable. Prosperous, but fair, just, but prosper. It is a social revolution.

Our revolution is also a cultural revolution, for one’s cultural merobah old-fashioned, feudal, colonial Indonesia into a new culture.

In fact this is more than five! I said our Revolution, is also a revolution to create a new kind of human Indonesia. Indonesia’s human brothers and sisters, not the new, human Indonesia as a has-been, um, his small, skinny, skinny. Not understand, saying skinny?Not a handsome man, whose soul straight, but the man who, according to the Javanese: “Nun inggih”, “sumuhun dawuh”, said the Sundanese. No, but the man whose soul straight, badannyapun, gorgeous pieces. Yes, make a new type of human Indonesia, with Indonesia’s new life as well. Therefore, Mr. says, revolution is a revolution we are all kinds of revolution, gathered in an enormous revolution. In fact I have said, with mock Soviet Union’s ambassador was seated there, I said that the Indonesian revolution even larger and wider than the Soviet Union’s ambassador revolution. Larger than the American Revolution. America was never evolved brothers!

America was once colonized by Britain. Later in the year 1776 entered into a revolution, let him rather than British rule, so that America becomes an independent state. But the revolution was only the national revolution. Only a political revolution alone. That is just get rid of British colonialism on American soil. O, we are not, not just political or national level only. No!Our revolution is broad, of all sorts. And the great variety of the revolution should be run simultaneously at the same time together. That’s why I say the Indonesian revolution, in my speech yesterday at the National Air Day: Our revolution is a revolution simultaneously. Again: Our revolution is a revolution simultaneously. Must simultaneously-well-together, this means that now we are running, so the national revolution, political revolution yes, yes economic revolution, social revolution ya, ya cultural revolution, cultural revolution to make a new man yes, yes the revolution in every way. And we try, such as this we are holding the struggle to enter the West Irian into the territory of the Republic. In the struggle that we run, we increase the production of rice yes, yes we bring about a revolution in the field of culture, so we bring about a revolution in the political field, so we held a social revolution in the field and so forth. Simultaneous!Well, then make any Musi bridge is smaller than the one element that was a simultaneous revolution. Therefore we must tackle, should we run with a revolutionary spirit. Do not we create a bridge musi ngulerkambang it. Do us a half-half, do not we run Monday-Thursday Musi bridge. Because it must work hard toil, we have the energy to squeeze in order to complete 10 April 1964. Be pieces of chicken, goats may be cut, should not eat fish Belida. Empek-empek be! I do not know this, that having established that speech-empek empek words in the English language what it is. I think you can not translate the word, “empek-empek”. Can not be copied in the English language. Copied in Indonesiapun can not, what else in the Java language, or languages ​​of Borneo, could not. That’s typical, typical Palembang language, “empek-empek”.

Ah, gentlemen, we run a simultaneous revolution in the field of economic, social and so forth, also field masional, masional politics. And that is why I am so very happy that the brothers and sisters welcome speech Mr. Achmadi was in the spirit of bells and whistles. Kemarinpun I have said that even though we are willing to negotiate, but nonetheless we are determined to enter the territory of West Irian in the Republic in this year also. Now this was in April, the 10th. If I count, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, just nine months away, folks. Before nine months ago, West Irian have been entered in the authority of the Republic. I need to reiterate this again. We swore, you swore to his own inner man, you swore, you swore, you, O soldiers swore, swore us all to enter the West Irian into the territory of the Republic in 62 years as well.

Well, but we want to negotiate. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the other day on December 19, years ago I gave Tri-People or Trikora. Subject content rather than the Tri-what?Yes, You know, already know everything, I gave orders to all the Armed Forces to be ready, at any time if you have orders to liberate West Irian. To the People as well. One: State of Papua abort. Two: The Red and White pancangkan in West Irian. Three: we will carry out a general mobilization. Principal, principal, the principal meaning of Tri is that we have to liberate West Irian, that we should occupy the West Irian, that we should pitch the Red and White, The Dwiwarna in West Irian. That is the basic meaning of Tri-People. In the Tri-this, try to read, do not tell you what way. Tri TNI must not say, or liberate West Irian, should the negotiations. No! Or not there should be written again, we Attack the Army. No. No. I only just ordered: abort “State of Papua”, kibarkan The Red and White flag in West Irian. Anyway, two, three, namely the mobilization of public and so forth, from West Irian in this year also became a de facto rather than the power of the Republic of Indonesia. The course of all kinds. Therefore, Father said, we enter into the territory of West Irian Republic later this year with all the roads. All the way then what?Yes all. As it was, writing was what it said? ”By peace or by force”. That’s all, folks.

If possible by peaceful means, so by peaceful means, if need by force, it must be by force anyway. Any way, I say, should we run. If for example, must, for example I am laughing, with the example I de Quay or LUNs, – do not know the name of de Quay? Not know the name of LUNs?-If for example I can enter into the territory of West Irian. Republicans with, um, laughing with de Quay, with LUNs, would I run it folks. If we enter the path of negotiations with the West Irian, God willing, and even then should we run. Originally tahun’62 West Irian into the territory of the Republic. But if I have to blow sebaliknyapun weapons, we are not with us straightforwardly said we behold Attack of the Dutch in West Irian. Everything should be run. Ha, do as said by Mr. Achmadi, the imperialism that we do not give a pardon, gentlemen.

We even have too long to give forgiveness to imperialism in West Irian. Too long. Now came the moment that we are in this year also, do not give mercy to imperialism in West Irian. Well, it’s hold on ya! Bung Karno, Bung Karno say that anything, whether Presidenkah, whether high the commander, whether the Supreme Command for the Liberation of the Great Commander Baratkah New Guinea, the Great Leader Revolusikah somehow, whether it be the end of the Great Commander of the Supreme Command Economy entire Indonesiakah, or yes, just Bung Karno, I actually was the most fun. Bung Karno title, a mouthpiece for the people I love most, say brothers and sisters, from West Irian entry in this 62 years, with politics and with the help of the people, by tongue, by force of arms, from West Irian into the territory of the Republic in the year This, too, that we live in a right path. For Brethren, you know that from today there are some third party who proposed a way to enter the West Irian into the territory of the Republic. One way. Which is already proposed by the third party yesterday in my speech the audience upfront and presence on the celebration of the National Aeronautics I have explained, that we in principle agree with what is being proposed by a third party. The trick? How, how do you do that in the proposal that a third party? Well: The Netherlands, yes, perhaps the Dutch West New Guinea was ashamed to return to Indonesia, such as a handkerchief I gave it to Mr. Harum Sohar. Perhaps embarrassed. I do not care, provided at the end of this year’s West Irian back into the territory of the Republic.

Well, the Dutch example will first ask for help. This example gives a handkerchief to Mr. Aaron Sohar. I do not mind. Be. In fact this morning I said to Mr. Adam Malik: do not care, not by the United Nations that the UN arms borrowed by the Netherlands, was given to Indonesia’s West Irian. The UN does not matter to borrow arms even though the devil, I do not care. Yes, despite his demons. I do not care. I do not mind, the origin of West Irian in this tahun’62 back to us, to Indonesia.

So I have received in principle is that, this third-party proposal, West Irian from the Dutch must be returned to Indonesia. The trick with via the UN, OK. all right; though via any case, I am all right.

LHA is Ladies and Gentlemen, must be understood by our brothers and sisters that still holds true to the period of time, the ’62, with via the hand of anyone no matter, as long as the end of this ’62 West Irian has returned to the lap of the Republic of Indonesia.

Definitely not? None of our party that said: O, do not agree 2 years. Who said I would receive two years’? Yes, record the journalists! Who told you I would want to receive two years? No, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.Nine-month less ten days, folks! Never said I received two years! No! Me as a mouthpiece for the People Indonesia said in a time in nine months less ten days, West Irian had to go back into the territory of the Republic. But the principle, do this, I have received. And this is all I ask is recorded by the ambassador, the ambassador is here, that I accept the principle of how to surrender as proposed by third parties. The principle that is the way it was. As it was, as we love the handkerchief via this, via that, with a through road to Pak Pak Harun Bastari Sohar.

Now this, I still hope that the Dutch to acknowledge that the demands we put West Irian into the territory of the Republic in this year, not the demands sedekar Sukarno. Ah no! Is it true that only the demands of Bung Karno only? This said, I’ve told the American ambassador is this: Look, look for yourself!look for yourself! The point is look at themselves, the people who wants to West Irian into the territory of the Republic, in 1962. Not Sukarno, not Achmadi, not Chaerul Saleh, not Zainul Arifin, not Suprayogi, not Kadarusman, not Mr. Yamin is pensive sitting there.Open Pak Bastari, not Mr. Aaron Sohar, but all the people of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, demanding 96 million people, willing, determined, swearing, so that West Irian into the territory of the Republic in this year also. I said, people from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia People who live in West Irian, too. Is not it true, people want to get into West Irian territory of the Republic? Is not it true there was fighting in Kotabaru, capital of West Papua? Is not it true there was fighting in Waigo? Is not it true, is there a battle Gag island? Is not it true, is there a battle near Sorong? Did not really have any close combat in Fak-Fak? Is not it true, is there a battle near Kaimana? Right! And I said: If the “dragons” of his brethren this “dragons” of this, the Dutch, stalling for time, the Dutch did not hurry to give back to West Irian to us, so that in this year also West Irian into the territory of the Republic, if kept “dragons” of his way, all the people of Indonesia in West Irian would revolt against the Dutch imperialism.

Well, therefore, brethren, we are heartened, Insha Allah, West Irian into our territory in the year. Not only do we, as I said when I spoke on the day of Eid, we are blessed, Insha Allah SWT than God Almighty, but also as was said by Mr. Achmadi, hmm, sympathy, help the peoples around the world ditemplokan to us. Tell me, what the Dutch did not shy! Still trying to send reinforcements to New Guinea with the aircraft. Until, of the Netherlands to Peru air ship first, the first Latin America, South America, new to West Irian. Why not ashamed! For what? Rejected by other states: You shall not bring reinforcements to the West Irian through our airfield. Other countries also declined: They should not, must not be: the Netherlands, you should not fly landed in the field we bring the soldiers to demolish the Republic of Indonesia in West Irian. Until LUNs searched the street, until nelusup-nelusup to Peru, my brothers, Why did not really shy. Javanese says: “pancen rai gedek”! Palembang is also the word “rai gedek”. If I were the Dutch, I see the state of the world’s sympathy for the Republic of Indonesia is, yes, aware, is history so demands, conscious, indeed we fikak Dutch one, consciously, indeed the Republic of Indonesia is on the right, standing on the lawful demands, which true. But somehow, somewhere, somehow, folks.

But instead we were told that the Dutch brothers, or we know to the Dutch-imperialist imperialists, who dulupun have decades to run this kind of politics to us. But remember brothers and sisters, even though we did not have the time jetbomber as now, although we currently do not have at that time as yesterday MIG 19 Brethren, – the people in Jakarta yesterday, and foreigners in Jakarta surprised to see us in the air like lightning MIG , breaking the sound barrier, sound barrier that limits the speed of sound. So fast that we have a MIG 19.

MIG 19 aircraft we are, faster than the speed the sound, so when he broke it, my brothers, his voice more powerful than the thunder. Well everyone by surprise, until there are mothers who shocked infiltrate back, under kolong.-Well, even though we had not had a MIG 19, although we do not have the first Ilyushin bomber, although we do not have the first TU Shobulov bomber, even though we had not have a gun, although not having a gun even though we do not have the bomb first, do not have dynamite, do not have all the tools of war such as we have now, although we do not have the first destroyer of the Navy, although we do not have first-MTB MTB, although once we does not have a full arsenal today, anyway Brothers, in a five-year physical revolution, we can maintain that the Republic of Indonesia on December 27, 1949, is recognized by the Dutch Republic and internationally. Although we can make our Republic grew bigger and stronger, although there is rebellion, there are gangs, yet we grew stronger, faster and stronger. Ask ambassador, ambassadors present here Ladies and Gentlemen, would not it true, that the Republic of Indonesia is a country that now grows towards power and kesentausaan? En anyway, Ladies and Gentlemen, once we are having what, folks? Do not have guns do not have a boomer, do not have jet fighters, has no warships, did not have the tools now ini.Tetapi weapons such as strength, repeatedly, from the beginning we have a burning passion of love forIndependence: Once Free Forever!

And since the proclamation of the fervent, fiery, impassioned in our chest until the present time. And Insha Allah onwards, Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask the whole world to see the spirit of Indonesia, the Indonesian human spirit than I meant new as in the beginning of my speech earlier, that we build a new kind of physical human chest burly, and jiwapun strapping, strapping his spirit, his determination strapping, strapping people, every drop of blood in our bodies upright.Standing on the truth, upright to establish a fair and prosperous society, up to defend our liberty and perfecting it. The Red-White should really, brothers, became a symbol rather than the triumph of the human world. The symbol of the triumph insanul than perfect in this world. Symbol rather than a determination of a nation that once had to swear, Once Free, Free! And his vow to run it with all the consequences!

Brethren, I now want to go to the bridge to begin the work of the Musi Musi bridge. Again I ask, in order to bridge this Musi with hard work rather than aannemer, with the help of hard work rather than the entire people of Indonesia, on 10 April 1964 can be opened, and Insha Allah, if given by God should be, I want to be the first human Musi bridge which passes on 10 April 1964.

So many brothers and sisters, Assalamualaikum wr wb.

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