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Freedom of West Irian

Soekarno Online | Digital Library of the first President of Indonesia

Speech of President Sukarno
Palembang, 10 April 1962

Ladies and Gentlemen, first as usual, the Islamic greeting: Assalamu Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh. Then, cried independence: Freedom!

Ladies and Gentlemen, gentlemen, November 60 you’ve come here, and now thanks alhamdulillah come here again. Now the month of April 1962. Your time in the month of November 60 came here, Mr. promised to the People, that construction will soon begin Musi bridge, and at that time Father said: Musi bridge should be completed within three years. So in fact this bridge is to be opened, November 60 coupled with a three-year, November 63. But, yeah Ladies and gentlemen, in connection with some of the difficulties to be overcome first, the first pole erection than Musi bridge Insha Allah it will be executed today, 10 April 1962. So if I count three more years old to 10 April 1965.Because of that, yes, even apologized to Mr. Brethren, that the beginning of a job opening or creating a new bridge that Musi could walk today, Mr. Musi bridge now commanded to be opened on 10 April 1964. And above all to the Japanese side will be aannemer. Ambassador ….. I’m standing. These brothers ambassador of Japan. I ask that the Japanese side of this bridge aannemer than working hard, so on 10 April 1964 Musi bridge can be opened. I asked for help to the people too hard. Beginning of the month of April 1964 later that, yes sedialah each goat for slaughter, chickens for slaughter. Continue reading “Freedom of West Irian” »

Soekarno Online | Digital Library of the first President of Indonesia